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  • Mapping the issues across your neighbourhood

  • Engaging with your local officials to fix them!


Want to make our cities more walkable?

Volunteer to audit footpaths and shape budgets to improve walkability in your neighbourhood! 

  Your 4 hours can help fix 1 km of footpath  

  20 volunteers can fix walkability across the ward!!  

What will you do?  

how to use phone-based audit app to map  footpath issues


along footpaths and map different types of issues using a digital app


solutions to the issues as a group to aid budget calculation


Whats so great about this audit tool?

Its fast

2 people, 30 min to audit both sides of 500m of footpath

Its accurate

Issues are mapped on-site as geo-spatial points with photographic evidence

Its actionable 

Different issues are matched with solutions for each stretch to automatically calculate budgets

& its social 

Find friends, allies and a community of change makers

27th Nov, walk-a-thon!
Ward 73,

9 Volunteers

7 km audited

1.5 hours spent

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