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Citizen University

Equipping you with exposure, knowledge, and tools, in your civic journey to participate meaningfully in solving civic issues in your local areas.

Cities face an uphill battle with managing urban developing due to rapid urban growth, deepening environmental degradation and climate change. Government cannot solve this alone. This challenge requires greater societal engagement from us all as urban residents. 

{Image is evidence of this, so people understand magnitude of the concern}

While Bengaluru has seen multiple accidents attributed to potholes, in the last five years, a whopping ₹20,000 crore has been spent on roads in the city.

{Evidence of civic power}

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If you are someone passionate about wanting to engage in civic issues like polluted lakes, waste dumping, and building more walkable and cycling cities?

or has tried this and constantly face roadblocks in your efforts? 

Start your civic journey at the citizen university


Focusses on providing a deep understanding of the in’s and out’s of a topic in the context of cities through an in-person visit along with expert-led sessions. We focus on decoding / demystification causalities of issues, showcasing best practices and process of solving them.

Explore workshops prepare citizens with the foundational knowledge for the next step in their journey wherein they can engage with civic problem-solving.


Time taken: 4 hours over 2 days

Fee: Rs 2000


Our Tools & Training workshops impart tangible skills to citizens to engage hands on solving civic issues. 


Time taken: 9 hours over 2 days

Fee: Rs 2500


Experiencing the process of problem solving for urban issues end-to-end, in a real life setting. This will include:

  • Identifying the problem

  • Collecting evidence

  • Mapping stakeholders

  • Conducting participatory visioning exercise

  • Developing solutions


Time taken: 4 weekends

Fee: Rs 2000

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