// Burgeoning urban population, and shifting lifestyles, has pushed solid waste management and infrastructure systems of most metro cities into overdrive. Amidst this crisis, the launch of National Missions like the Swachh Bharath Abhiyan and a revamp of the Solid Waste Management Rules are pushing cities to explore more sustainable ways to manage their waste. Yet city municipalities continue to struggle with on ground implementation of these rules, targets and policies that have been established at the National Level with little or no direction on how the shift can be attained progressively on ground. //


June 11, 2017

Sharing Bengaluru’s efforts with Delhi: Can we really achieve Segregation?

November 18, 2016

Sensing Local’s study to address the garbage burning issue in Bengaluru

May 06, 2017

Enabling an efficient SWM system in Bengaluru: Creation of the Ward Micro Plan

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Sensing Local works towards strategies and methodologies that enable the transitioning of Solid Waste Management Systems from being a financial, environmental &public health burden to a more sustainable system focused on value creation.

The organisation works with city municipalities, NGO and Private Agencies towards:

  • Developing frameworks and modes for the creation of city level SWM database, further used for planning, monitoring and evaluating city progress

  • Capacity building for officials and other stakeholders

  • Enabling the formulation of city level policies, institutional frameworks,new investment strategies and mechanisms for assessing and piloting innovation

  • Fast track implementation and testing of strategies for scalability

  • Documentation and evaluation of existing city systems

  • Creating municipality driven strategies to enable behaviour change via toolkits, workshops, events, modes for public dissemination of information, etc.

  • Conceiving circular economy models for targeted waste streams


Sensing Local is partnering with Anti Pollution Drive, and supported by the IYF to impart actionable education about waste across Mangaluru.


SL is working with the Municipal Corporation of Bengaluru (BBMP) towards decentralizing Municipal Solid Waste Management in Bengaluru.


Should all roads lead to landfills? In this project, we research on the waste economy and design it into a circular economy model.

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