// The edge between the urban and rural areas and their absorption within the urban fabric is often an interface between contradictory ideas on nature and development. The stark differences and complexities between these contrasting spheres are usually dismissed as conflicts, creating hostility and leaving no scope for negotiation. Instead perceiving these regions as points of releasing distress between the urban and rural can turn into opportunities — especially with regard to waste cycles, food, recreation, and employment ecology. //



May 30, 2016

Navalur’s Tree Park Project to be Revived

March 31, 2016

Changes in Law Needed to Ban Eucalyptus Plantations

May 11, 2016

Netravathi River Stops Flowing in Dharmasthala, Too

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Develop methodologies and tools to re-examine possible futures and specifically programmatics of rur-urban edges considering social, spatial, and economic parameters, so they can benefit both villagers and city dwellers,

Our primary engagement with the issue has consisted of the following:

  • Exploring confluence and conflict between urban - rural metabolism 

  • Aspirations, livelihoods and relationship to nature resources among rural and urban communities

  • Mapping relationship of community-place-resources


To respond to the ecology of the natural landscape and the socio-economic dynamics of the rur-urban context.

To respond to the trends of urb...

To investigate spatial re-organisation of the ghat to address the issue of water pollution and enhance the pilgrim experience.

The context o...

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