// Bengaluru suffers from a trifecta of issues. There is flooding in the city, immediately often after just a 2 hour rain and this rain is not captured to save water where it drops. Instead the city largely gets its water from the  cauvery river, which itself is insufficient to cover the city. At the same time 80% of lakes are polluted due to sewage inflow into them and 80-85 % of existing STPs are in 'various stages of disrepair'. This is not just a problem of scarcity and contamination of a resource, it also reflects as health and economic costs.//




Sensing local is involved in understanding the complex ecosystem of water in Bengaluru through the study of Varthur lake and the challenges to address its pollution problems. 

As part of the exercise the first set of actions being undertaken are -

  • Discussions with diverse stakeholders such as water experts, local community groups, activists, research scientists etc to arrive at the facts with regard to status of the lake, actions taken, agencies/stakeholders involved and their aspirations.

  • Charting out timeline of historic interventions, their objectives, effectiveness and politics

  • Identifying the problem at hand and inter-connectedness amongst issues at hand.