Urban Design at the ward level

A key mandate of the Ward Committees is creation of a Ward Development Scheme. This is like a plan for the ward that is to be linked to the yearly budget allocations and overall strategies for improvement of the quality of life of residents. Introduction of local level planning creates the opportunity to realize area based improvements through urban design interventions that has until now been elusive. 

Location: Ward 85, Bengaluru

Duration: February - May 2020

To test this, Sensing Local conceived an academic studio (Feb - May 2019) at CMR University taking the case of Ward 85. The idea has been to explore possibilities of urban design projects based on mapping and evaluating the State of the Ward through the lens of water, waste, traffic, public space etc, as well as understanding needs of the different sections of society. 

The studio is being documented on a web portal to showcase a possible framework for intervening at the scale of a ward. The website houses the ward level research, urban design propositions by the students and also a community forum to foster interactions between students and local community members.

The studio has resulted in 63 projects, which have been conceived under 10 thematic areas, as listed below:

  1. Parks and recreation spaces

  2. Redevelopment & activation of streets

  3. Public markets

  4. Sustainable transportation and mobility

  5. Urban Agriculture

  6. Revival of lakes and rajakaluves

  7. Designing circular systems (waste & water)

  8. Conservation of cultural heritage

  9. Adaptive re-use of urban voids

  10. Reimagining urban form