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“You Are Here” Wayfinding Signage in Indiranagar

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

First of a kind neighbourhood signage made with the residents, in order to improve legibility within the area

Client: Indiranagar II Stage League (Resident Welfare Association

Location: Indiranagar

Partner/Collaborators: Indiranagar II Stage League (Resident Welfare Association

Duration: April - August 2016

Status: Prototype completed

This is a bi-lingual ‘You Are Here’ street signage collaboratively developed with the Indiranagar residents. Funded through CSR funds, the signage system was seen by local residents as a way to build collective identity of the rapidly changing neighbourhood, making landmarks legible, protecting green spaces/public lands by clarifying site boundaries and even depositing nuggets of history etc.

A set of 5 signages were placed in close proximity to the metro station and was primarily envisioned to help residents, visitors and service providers navigate the neighbourhood, locate various destinations, find transit options and clearly demarcate administrative boundaries. The map itself contained multiple layers of information like - land-use, parking zones, transit nodes, amenities, cultural and historic landmarks, etc., and was collaboratively built with the residents of the neighbourhood.

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