.making public.public making.

We believe that making projects public, ie putting projects in the public domain is also an act of making of the public. Creating the 'demand' to address a problem is as important as the efforts to supply a solution to solve one.

Public Lab

Given that urban planning and public policies processes largely tend to appear esoteric. This initiative has been established as an extension of the studio to serve a critical purpose of sharing the progress, methodology and observations from the confines of the studio with other stakeholders in the city as well as invite/encourage others to collaborate, co-create ideas, research and conversations to address the looming challenges in the city.


We have been exploring two kinds of engagements, one where Sensing Local's work is the building block to scale existing ideas/ trajectories explore deeper perspectives. While another method has been to look at SL's work as node to then spawn new aspects to investigate within a certain issue thematic.