Mapping Emission Footprint

April 22, 2016

A interactive mapping game devised to build awareness among children on their impact on air pollution while travelling from home to school. The exercise created a competition between different schools to test how much was each one's footprint.  


Client: Pana P.U. College

Type: Interactive tool (Behaviour Change), Event

Location: Pana P.U. College, Mangalore

Status: Completed | 22 April, 2016




On earth day, June 5, 2016, Sensing local was invited by Anti-Pollution Drive, Mangaluru to the earth day event in Panna School. Taking this opportunity to interact with school children with regard to why they should care about air pollution, we devised a small game around children mapping their distance from home to school, where the different modes they used such as bus, auto etc all were represented by different coloured strings. This was the first attempt towards creation of an Emission Footprint Mapping Tool. 


The success of it lies in everyone putting in their string, each one seemingly insignificant till one looks at their aggregate. As it turned out, though Paana, the host school had been built away from the city (right most school in the map) for children to have a pristine environment. It had the highest footprint when it came to distance children were travelling to get there. Therefore, perhaps also exposing the children to the highest duration, they would breathe pollution air, in order to get there.


The idea of the exercise is to trigger behavior change through self assessment. The visual makes for an appealing mirror to actions that otherwise remain out of sight, so out of mind. As expected, Paana's administration was quite surprised by the image.



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