Mapping of Indiranagar Trees

September 15, 2016

Determine ecological value of urban forests, benefits to public health and urban environment, and make a larger case for their preservation. 


As a result of rapid urbanization, Bengaluru has lost over 70% of its tree cover in the last 2 decades. Several agencies in the city are working hard via volunteer efforts to plant new trees, but this process remains sporadic and lacking a framework to ensure sustained change. At the same time maintenance of trees is increasingly seen as a key issue because if new trees are not taken care of, they die, while existing trees continue to be illegally felled at an alarming rate.


An exercise is currently being undertaken to map trees of Indiranagar, which can lead to creation of a tree map for the neighbourhood that can on one hand serve as a legal tool to fight against illegal felling of trees by lumber mafia. While on the other, the data is imagined to be processed using tools such as Itree, so the urban forest can be quantified to calculate their ecological value in terms of benefits to public health and that of the urban environment, making for a larger case for preservation and care for trees.

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