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The aim of the consultancy is to provide strategy and implementation services to government bodies and private organisations who are taking on projects in the domain of environment and climate change.


Our services include: 

  • Design thinking

  • Data collection and mapping

  • Strategy and System Thinking

  • Spatial Planning and urban design

  • Design and visualisations

  • Participatory Planning

  • Auditing and surveying

  • Creation of toolkits and frameworks

  • Training and capacity building

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Living Lab

The ‘Living Lab’ is conceived as a site for city observation, co-creation and innovation with a specific focus on improving the state of our environment. As a model, it is to serve as an in-between-step that formalizes learning and experimentation in the urban context to achieve impact at a faster pace for the largest section of society.


The lab undertakes the following activities:

  • Co-creation, assimilation, interpretation and dissemination of shared knowledge - to empower diverse decision makers through hand-books, kits, podcasts, maps, best practice documentation etc.

  • Building evidence for issues ground up as context and a case for action

  • Fostering of civic engagement - Be a space for dialogue to enable participatory planning and building of frameworks for cooperative working in order to make solutions inclusive, embedded in communities and future proof

  • Piloting new innovative projects - To test new value-add from collaborations, new perspectives, models, stakeholders and beneficiaries, data sets required, working methodology, viability and suitability of solutions and possible scenarios.

  • Monitoring and tracking of progress of on-going actions in a city and assessing their impact to get a deeper understanding of the status quo and build a datum.

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