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Biodiversity Retreat

Documenting the insights and reflections from people across disciplines, to bring forth their perspectives on biodiversity in cities.

Client: Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF)

Location: Bengaluru

Partner/Collaborators: Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF)

Duration: Sept 2018 - Jan 2019

Status: Completed

Organised by BSF, the third retreat of its kind, brought to the table 37 people from various fields, to discuss the state of Biodiversity in cities. The premise was that Biodiversity in cities does not get enough attention and its linkages with other aspects of sustainability and the eco-cycle remains inadequate. Therefore to enhancing the recognition of the value of biodiversity, the retreat aimed at curating the reflections from people across disciplines to bring forth their perspectives and perceptions on the subject. The team also introspected into how they engage with it and what they think is missing in the understanding of biodiversity towards actions to improve its communal recognition.

Sensing Local documented these sessions and put together a report grounded in contextual research and a strong narrative that communicated a clear way forward for addressing biodiversity in cities.

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