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The Urban Revamp Design Challenge

8th Main, Banaswadi (Ward 27)

The neighbourhood received 24 proposals from architects, urban designers and urban planners for improving the stretch along 8th Main, Banaswadi. You can view the design brief for the challenge hereThe shortlisted proposals presented their designs to a panel of distinguished jurors. You can view a recording of the jury session here. The proposals were also opened out to citizens who voted for their favourite proposals.

Winners have been selected based on the juror's scores and citizen voting!

Winning Entry 1: Anandavana | 10877

Reimagining our nala as a centrepiece of vibrant public space where residents participate in its magical transformation into productive green
infrastructure for the neighbourhood.


Winning Entry 2: 1 Mile - Rethinking urban commons | 10889

The vision of this proposal is to re-imagine 1 mile of neighbourhood street area as an ecologically sensitive, pedestrian prioritized and Non-Motorized Transit (NMT) oriented shared street.


Shortlisted Entries:

Let's make a great community! | 10763

By working together with a creative spirit, we have easily solved issues of flooding, garbage dumping and poor walkability. Welcome to the Rajakaluve community: a safe, active, healthy and inclusive space for all!


A weaving walk | 10809

Through the experience of a walk, the design links the natural environment, connects the site to it’s adjacent quarters, empowers the neighbourhood’s culture and weaves the canal back into society.


Urban pinpricks | 10813

The project aims to rejuvenate the site from its current state through a comprehensive catalog of proposal(s) which aims for a more socially vibrant and inclusive, ecological and resilient and safe, clean and organized 8th main.

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