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Desilting Varthur Lake

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Implementation Plan for desilting the 445 Acre Varthur Lake, as a first action for revival

Client: Mineral Enterprises Ltd., BDA

Location: Varthur Lake, Bengaluru

Partner/Collaborators: Mineral Enterprises Ltd., Kala Mines and Minerals (implementation partner)

Status: Completed

Duration: Mar 2018 - Jan 2019

With no desilting being done for 45+ years, the two reports developed for this project were technical reports that detailed out desilting, i.e. the ‘First Action’ to be taken up for reviving the lake. As the funds were limited, this report also presented the gap funding required to complete the desilting.

Adopting the method of Dry Dredging, the available INR 25 crore was proposed to clear out 25% of the accumulated silt. However, since the lake continued to suffer with raw sewage entering, illegal dumping of construction and encroachments, it was stated that the revival would not be possible without the government resolving the above mentioned issues.

The implementation plan detailed out a 5 step process as listed below:

Step 1: Permission and Approvals

Step 2: Mobilisation at site

Step 3: Pre-desilting actions

Step 4: Desilting

Step 5: Post-desilting actions

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