Wayfinding Designer


Experience: 3-5 years
Duration: Full-time

Remuneration: As per industry standards

Starting Date: Immediate
Location: Bengaluru, India

About Us

Sensing Local is an urban Living Lab in Bengaluru. We work towards tackling environmental challenges in Indian cities through collaboration, participatory planning approaches and building shared knowledge. We are also deeply interested in legibility of cities and how maps, information and way-finding systems impact the way people discover, engage and associate with spaces. This affects the visual identity, our sense of belonging, efforts of conservation, and even planning efforts. Over the last few years, we have been developing a portfolio of projects to create way-finding systems for public spaces, neighbourhoods

and transit systems. We are now setting up a dedicated team to take this forward as an independent vertical.

Skills and Responsibilities

We are looking for a Wayfinding Designer to join the team who will lead the Signage and Wayfinding projects in all aspects related to graphic design, visual branding, typology, colour schematic etc. She/he will work closely with other team members consisting of urban planners, architects, product designers and GIS experts.

We are looking for a team member that is articulate, proactive, open minded, agile and have the ability to work in a highly collaborative environment.

Further skills include:

  • Skills in cartography and previous experience of working on way-finding systems, exhibition designs etc.

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other relevant software

  • Ability to quickly ideate, visualise, iterate designs

  • Delivery of projects from conception to production

  • Must thrive in an environment where co-creation, and iterative design is a norm

  • Be empathetic to working in complex public projects

  • Must be a problem solver at heart

  • Be a self starter and an enabler

Candidates will have worked for at least 3 years within the design industry, and be at middleweight or senior level. She/he will need to be available to work from within Sensing Local office (Victoria Layout). The role may require occasional travel for work to other locations.


Web developer (project based engagement)

Community resource portal for the air quality sector in India




The ecosystem of organizations working on air quality in India is growing each year. However, one key challenge is that who all are working on the issue and the nature of efforts underway is unclear. The access to knowledge and resources also remains highly asymmetric. The scale, complexity and urgency of solving the air pollution crisis requires greater knowledge sharing, collaboration, alignment and building off each other’s work. There is also a need to ensure more diversity in the voices that represent the issue and action against it. In addition, there is also a need to showcase scalable proven ideas, share latest research and support hundreds of new organizations to join the challenge. This context provides an opportunity to create a community facing digital resource portal that can act as a place to aggregate information, and initiatives taking place across the country.



Task: Building a web-portal

Convert the existing prototype dashboard (video demo of prototype built in Power BI) into a full fledged web-portal with the proposed features listed below and an easy to use data management system. The web-portal is to be developed in 2 phases; mentioned below are the features to be incorporated in phase 1.


Website link for the prototype dashboard - www.indiacleanairconnect.org/dashboard. Please note that this portal is not public yet.




  1. Repository of air quality organizations (following the design of the Power BI based prototype dashboard). 

    •  Interactive map

    • Data filter (Country/state/city; Organizations name)

    • Interactive graphs (Sector; Organization; Mode of engagement)

    • List of organizations (linked to sorting filters)

    • Descriptions of selected organizations

      • Small section that displays the summary of an organization and contact details

      • Add links to reports (add tags - by sector/topic so it can be searchable

      • Expand into a separate page for each organization so more information can be added if required.

    • Button to link a form (for new organizations or anyone to update their information)

  2. Event calendar

  3. Gallery (to spotlight organizations and their work)

  4. Job postings

  5. Twitter Feed (May also follow some select hashtags)

  6. Membership logs in for all visitors. Events and jobs should be allowed to be created by any registered members to the site, but it will have to be finally approved by an admin before publishing.



INR 250,000 



2 - 2.5 months, starting immediately.



This project is being undertaken by Sensing Local (www.sensinglocal.in) with the support of the India Climate Collaborative and EdelGive Foundation.