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Malleswaram Urban Living Lab (M-ULL)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

M-ULL is a neighbourhood Living Lab, conceived as a collaboration between Malleswaram Social and Sensing Local, to provide technical support for tackling problems at the ward level as well as act as a social and cultural community platform for the residents.


Key Partner: Malleswaram Social

Location: Ward 45,65, Bengaluru

What is a living lab?

  • An urban living lab is a platform where various stakeholders (Citizens, Government, local community organizations, Companies) can come together to look for solutions in an open, inclusive, and collaborative approach.

  • It is conceived to provide technical support for tackling urban challenges at the scale of the ward as well as act as a social and cultural community anchor for the residents.

What is the purpose of MULL?

The main aim of M-ULL is to preserve the neighbourhood’s unique heritage and culture, while also dynamically accommodating current developmental needs.

Who are we?

  • Malleswaram Social is a citizens group that came together to form social ties and work on bettering the civic amenities in the area.

  • Sensing Local is a research organization working on urban problems with a systemic approach.

This collaboration synergizes our respective strengths and optimizes our combined resources for the greatest good of the community.

What spheres of activity will M-ULL be involved in?

The work at M-ULL aligns with the mandate of the ward committee, and therefore it will be involved in the following areas:

  • Water management

  • Waste management

  • Public space design and management

  • Mobility and transportation planning

  • Inclusion for urban poor

  • Disaster management

  • Heritage conservation

What are the core activities of M-ULL?

  • Data collection

  • Workshops for training and upskilling

  • Creation of information dissemination platforms

  • Organizing cultural and recreation events to bring the community together

  • Strategic planning for the wards and project creation

What are the goals that M-ULL hopes to achieve?

  • Increase transparency of data and decision making in the governance and management of the ward

  • Increase multi-stakeholder participation to ensure effectiveness of solutions

  • Put in standard processes and proper prioritization of actions

  • Systematic and holistic planning and implementation; to optimize use of resources and selection of best solutions

  • Foster experimentation - Implementation of cutting edge innovative solutions for problem solving

  • Channel finance/investment in the ward