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Gap analysis of the existing signage system at BIEC

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Proposing an integrated way-finding strategy to better the user experience of Bengaluru’s largest Exhibition centre

Client: Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)

Location: BIEC, Bengaluru

Partner/Collaborators: BIEC team

Duration: Oct ‘18 - April ‘19

Status: Completed

The signages in this 45 acre exhibition campus was developed in phases without an overarching system in mind, the result of which was a broken signage system that was not useful for its users. The brief given was to assess the gaps in the current signage system and propose a way-finding strategy that will improve the user experience for both visitors and organisers (incl. logistical support).

The campus has 5 gargantuan exhibition halls with supporting amenities and receives visitors peaking to a few lakh, making ease of getting around the campus an important concern. The key aspects of the study included:

  • Assessment of needs of different user groups across the exhibition planning and events

  • Assessment of information type required, its visibility

  • Permanent versus temporal signage requirements

  • Evaluation of design strategies to find the most economic and impactful interventions

The proposed system an integrated network of 150+ pieces of signages that included the planning signage, information signage, directional signage and identification signage for both the campus and within each of the halls

#wayfinding, #navigation, #gapanalysis, #signage, #design, #uxsurvey, #uxdesign


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