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Let’s co-build our cities of tomorrow, today!

Putting the environment at the center of change

What is the problem we face today?

Urban growth has become synonymous with environmental degradation.
Our cities are struggling to tackle the crisis of air pollution, water scarcity, water pollution and managing waste.

How do we break down the complexity and scale of these issues so that we can better negotiate our individual needs towards building a sustainable collective future?

Our Approach

Focussing on the commons

Air Quality, Waste and Water Management

Break down the complexity & scale 

To tackle these ‘wicked problems’

Inclusive planning

Include all stakeholders 
in co-creation

Building shared knowledge 

To accelerate learning
& build consciousness

Urban Living Lab

Sensing Local is an ‘Urban Living Lab’ based in Bengaluru; a site for city observation, learning and innovation with a specific focus on improving the state of environment and public health.

Support we offer

Strategy & Consulting

Citizen University

Neighborhood Living lab

We partner with Government and Private organisations on projects offering support in the form of Strategy development, Spatial and Participatory Planning, Systems Thinking, Mapping and Visualisation, and bringing policy to the doorstep.

We help build civic muscle, via knowledge sharing, capacity building workshops as well as training for citizens and community groups. The idea is to help them engage in local governance and problem solving in a more informed and empowered manner.

We set up local hubs for co-creation, co-learning and experimentation in collaboration with active members / representatives of a ward / neighbourhood. The hubs act as community anchors and catalysts to tackle developmental challenges and create local projects.

Our Advisors


Madhav Chavan

Co-founder and former

CEO of Pratham

060618_Ram Mahidhara_001_F.jpg

Ram Mahidhara

Ex-Chief Investment Officer, IFC, World Bank Group


Poonam Bir Kasturi

CEO, Daily Dump


Pawan Sachdeva

Director of Water Management International Pte Limited (WMPIL)

Pallavi Pant_1.jpg

Dr. Pallavi Pant

Staff Scientist at Health Effects Institute, Boston

Partners & Collaborators